We lead the fight against recurrent prostate cancer

Our therapeutic system is suitable for internal solid tumours of various kinds, such as prostate and pancreas. In the future, we aim to make it possible to treat other cancers such as cancer of the breast and in the head and neck region.

With our therapeutic system, the aim is to preserve a good quality of life for the patients. The method has great potential to limit side effects, and the patient will be able to leave the hospital within a few hours after treatment.

If you suffer from recurrent prostate cancer, there is often no other alternative than hormone treatment for the rest of your life. SpectraCure can now change this!

SpectraCure has its background in Lund University’s departments for medical laser applications and physics. The company focuses on cancer treatment with medical devices containing laser light sources and photoreactive drugs, called interstitial photodynamic tumour treatment, abbreviated PDT after ‘photodynamic therapy’. The treatment methodology is suitable for internal solid tumours of various kinds, eg prostate and abdominal salivary glands, but also other indications such as cancer tumours in the head and neck region.

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A new generation of cancer treatment system

The company’s proprietary and patented cancer treatment system eliminates internal cancer tumors and increases the survival of cancer patients. Our technology is based on focal PDT treatment with IDOSE®.

PDT, Interstitial Photodynamic Therapy, means that the photosensitive drug is injected into the patient. The tumor-affected area is then illuminated with laser light of the correct wavelength.

SpectraCure’s interstitial and focal PDT systems with the IDOSE software represent a whole new generation of medical systems for treatment planning and dose delivery in laser light. The treatment is adapted to each patient’s tumor conditions with the greatest accuracy. The individualized dosimetry, IDOSE, is performed in real time to avoid overexposure that can lead to damage to healthy tissue and underexposure, which in turn can lead to an incomplete treatment.

A high demand

The market for recurrent prostate cancer is large and has a total value of about $2.2 billion USD. By 2021, BCC Market Forecasting estimates that the world market for prostate cancer treatment and prevention will be worth approximately $21 billion USD.

Over 25 years of research

The company’s technology is based on over 25 years of scientific research and work in photodynamic therapy (PDT) combined with clinical experience of more than 2,700 PDT treatments of skin tumors at Lund University Hospital.

Several research groups in Europe, the US and Canada have been conducting active research to treat tumours such as prostate cancer with PDT. Several hundred prostate cancer patients have been treated with PDT at various university clinics, with promising results.

Optimal treatment result

In order not to risk losing any part of the cancer tumor, it is normal, in today’s established prostate cancer care, to direct the treatment to the entire prostate gland. This is despite the fact that the cancer tumor may only be a small part of the volume. SpectraCure’s treatment offers improved precision and the ability to perform a focal PDT treatment – a customized treatment of the cancer tumor itself inside the prostate. The risk of treating healthy tissue is minimized.

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  • Future systems for the treatment of internal cancer tumours.
  • Unique, patented technology offers improved precision.
  • Great market potential.
  • There is no existing treatment alternatives to relapse prostate cancer than life-long hormone therapy.
  • Few side effects give higher quality of life.