The future of

prostate cancer treatment



SpectraCure is developing the future system for the treatment of prostate cancer. Our vision is to eliminate internal cancer tumors and improve both survival rates and quality of life.

SpectraCures system is suitable for the treatment of internal tumors in, for example, the prostate, breast, pancreas or head and neck region. As a first indication, we have chosen to address recurrent prostate cancer. This is because there is currently no treatment that is both effective and has few side effects for prostate cancer recurrence. Often a lifelong treatment with hormonal therapy is prescribed.

Our method is based on photodynamic therapy (PDT), which means that a light-activated drug is used to make the tissue sensitive to light. The drug is then activated by laser which eliminates the cancer cells.

We are currently running a clinical trial for patients with recurrent prostate cancer in the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada. The aim of the trail is to investigate the effect of the treatment and  to determine the most effective light dose in combination with the drug verteporfin.

“…SpectraCure represents the future of personalized PDT in prostate cancer treatment…”
Brian Wilson, Senior Scientist på Princess Margaret Cancer Center och professor vid University of Toronto, Department of Medical Biophysics

New treatment of prostate cancer

Recurrent prostate cancer can be difficult to treat. For example, after radiotherapy, surgical removal of the prostate is difficult, and the operation carries a significant risk of side effects. The most common treatment offered is hormone therapy, which is also associated with significant side effects. Therefore SpectraCure has chosen recurrent prostate cancer as the first indication. Our ambition is to offer patients with recurrent prostate cancer an effective treatment with few side effects, and the potential for a good quality of life.


The treatment method, interstitial PDT, is enabled by an entirely new generation of treatment systems that include both dose planning and delivery of laser light. The integrated IDOSE® software calculates and adapts the laser exposure for each patient. This is important because overexposure to laser light can lead to damage to healthy tissue. In turn, underexposure can lead to incomplete treatment and recurrence of the tumor after treatment.

Our vision

For a tomorrow where we cure cancer and improve quality of life for those affected


Why invest in SpectraCure?

Global market with high growth

The global prostate cancer market is growing and is estimated to be worth USD 100 billion by 2026. More and more men are affected due to increased life expectancy.

A real clinical need

There is currently no established effective treatment for patients with recurrent prostate cancer. This is our first priority indication.

A new treatment option  

Our treatment system has potential to replace surgery and/or hormone therapy, to provide fewer side effects and a give the patient better quality of life.

Health economic viability

Our treatment method is designed to be less resource-consuming by providing a one-off treatment, unlikecontinuous hormone therapy, and by avoiding extensive risky surgery.

Attractive business model with continuous revenue streams

The system is placed at the customer’s site for a low cost, providing a reduced barrier to entry. Recurring revenue is generated through the sale of sterile disposable equipment, with customers paying per treatment.

Potential to develop treatment for more cancer diagnoses

The treatment system has potential to be suitable for several types of internal solid tumors, not just our initial indication, recurrent prostate cancer.

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