Successful Surveillance Audit
SpectraCure maintains ISO 13485/MDD Annex 5 Quality Management System certificate as well as CE certificate for the SpectraCure P18 device after surveillance audit by DEKRA Certification.

Annual general meeting
We announce the annual meeting of Spectracure AB the 28th of June 2013 at 10:00 AM in the company's main office. 

Spectracure's new website Launched.

Advanced Cancer Treatment With IDOSE®

SpectraCure develops advanced methods for treatment planning and laser light dose management for cancer treatment. The method, interstitial photodynamic therapy (PDT), utilizes a laser light source and a photosensitizing drug. This technology is suitable for internal cancer tumours such as prostate cancer and pancreatic cancer. SpectraCure has developed its sophisticated software IDOSE®, as well as medical laser devices for this purpose.

How does it work?

The method works by combining a light-activated drug - photosensitiser - with light of a certain wavelength. This results in a photochemical reaction that causes cell death. It is important to control the laser light dose to ensure that sufficient light dose is given and that only the cancer tumour is destroyed.

 Our Technology

SpectraCure has developed and patented technology for delivering laser light to cancer tumours for PDT, and the dose management system IDOSE® that provides the possibility for safe, accurate, and efficient interstitial PDT of internal tumours. Read More... 


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