SpectraCure's innovative interstitial PDT approach is based on administration of a photosensitiser and non-thermal laser light under management of a unique new system for treatment planning and dosimetry, IDOSE®. SpectraCure has developed and patented the IDOSE® platform for safe, accurate and efficient cancer IPDT treatment of internal cancer tumours. The method works by combining a light-activated drug - photosensitiser - with light of a certain wavelength. This results in a photochemical reaction that causes cell death. It is important to control the laser light dose to ensure that sufficient light dose is given and that only the cancer tumour is destroyed.


SpectraCure will sponsor a multicentre phase l/ll clinical trial in North America for recurrent prostate cancer in 2015-2016. This medical indication is of great interest because the lack of suitable treatment methods for the large patient group that represents men previously treated for prostate cancer but where the cancer has relapsed. 

SpectraCure is also involved as co-sponsor in a phase I study on pancreatic cancer in London.