SpectraCure has registered the trademark Q-PRO[®]

SpectraCure AB (publ) has obtained trademark protection for Q-PRO[®], the name of the new generation system, in Europe and in the USA. Applications to register the trademark have been submitted in Australia, China and Japan.

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SpectraCure is developing a system for treatment of recurrent prostate cancer. The system is currently used in a clinical study in Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom. The name of the system, Q-PRO®, has now received trademark protection. The trademark protection means that the system developed by SpectraCure and previously called "the new generation system" will henceforth be called Q-PRO®.

Q-PRO® consists of a laser unit and the software IDOSE®. Q-PRO® is a light delivery system (for photodynamic tumor therapy) developed for treatment of internal solid cancer tumors. The system enables treatment planning and individualized dose delivery of laser light for activation of a photosensitizing drug, verteporfin. The treatment is focal and adapts to each patient's specific conditions.

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SpectraCure AB (publ) Johan Folkunger, CEO
E-mail: jf@spectracure.com
Website: www.spectracure.com

SpectraCure is developing a treatment system for the elimination of internal solid cancer tumors. We are initially focusing on recurrent prostate cancer, with the hope of being able to treat other cancers such as primary prostate cancer, breast cancer, pancreatic cancer, and head and neck cancer in the future. The approach is based on a proprietary and patented treatment system, Q-PRO®, consisting of a hardware device, a laser unit, which performs PDT treatment and treats the prostate itself, combined with a software device, the patented IDOSE® dose planning platform. The method allows the laser light dose to be controlled so that the tumour is exposed to an optimal dose to achieve sufficient treatment effect. The treatment system has the potential to make interstitial PDT treatment accurate, precise, safe for every patient. The goal is that in addition to being tumor free, the patient will be able to maintain their quality of life, with limited side effects. We are conducting clinical trials as an important part of the continued development of the company's treatment system. 

The company is listed in the Premier segment of the Nasdaq First North Growth Market with G&W Fondkommission as Certified Adviser, and trades under the short name SPEC.