About SpectraCure

The future treatment of cancer tumours

SpectraCure is a medical technology company based in Lund, which focuses on the development and commercialisation of a new treatment system for localised prostate cancer. The technology is based on extensive scientific research and clinical treatments with PDT at Skåne University Hospital in Lund and in collaboration with other internationally leading researchers.

We are developing Q-PRO®, a patented and innovative treatment system, which has the potential to offer a focal, minimally invasive and individualised treatment for patients with localised prostate cancer.

New application of PDT

We have identified a way to use the proven method PDT, for solid internal tumours. Through our treatment system, we intend to treat internal tumours, such as prostate cancer.

Multifaceted potential

The treatment is focal and minimally invasive and has the potential to treat tumours with little impact on surrounding tissue. This could allow for fewer side effects and faster recovery for the patient.

Trial with leading clinics

A clinical trial for patients with recurrent prostate cancer is underway, at leading clinics, in North America and Europe. We are in the process of initiating another clinical trial for patients with primary localised prostate cancer.

Our vision

For a tomorrow where we cure cancer and improve quality of life for those affected


SpectraCure´s goal is to become a leading player in the focal treatment of prostate cancer. Through the already proven PDT method, the company is developing a new treatment system with the goal of effectively treating cancer, with few side effects for preserved quality of life, and reduced healthcare costs.