Nomination committee

The Nomination Committee is appointed in consultation with the three largest shareholders or ownership groups according to shareholder statistics from Euroclear Sweden and other reliable owner information in accordance with the decision of the Annual General Meeting.

The task of the Nomination Committee is to prepare proposals for the Annual General Meeting regarding the Chairman of the Annual General Meeting, the Board, the Chairman of the Board, board fees with a division between the Chairman and other members of the Board, auditors, and auditors’ fees.

The nomination committee in SpectraCure AB (publ.) ahead of the 2023 annual general meeting consists of:

  • Chairman Jan Karlsson, appointed by Masoud Khayyami, represents approximately 10.0 percent of shares and votes.
  • Christer Sjödoff, appointed by Cardeon, represents approximately 2.1 percent of shares and votes.
  • Dan Persson, appointed by MTT Capital and Dan Persson, together represent approximately 1.7 percent of shares and votes.

Shareholders who wish to submit proposals to the Nomination Committee may do so in writing to:
The Nomination Committee
SpectraCure AB (publ)
Gasverksgatan 1
222 29 Lund

Or by e-mail to:

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