Jörgen Wennberg
Chairman of the Board since 2022



Shares in SpectraCure AB:

1 349 126 shares
(incl. Related *)

Jörgen has a marketing diploma and has worked for over 30 years within the ICA Group. He is a former CEO of ICA Banken and has several years of experience in board work. Jörgen has previously been a member of ICA AB Group Management team and a board member of the Swedish Bankers’ Association.
Jörgen Wennberg is independent of the Company and the owners.
Tomas Kramar
Board member since 2022


Shares in SpectraCure AB:

25 000 shares

Tomas has a Master of Science in Chemical Engineering from Lund University. He has over 40 years of experience from the life science industry and has previously worked as CEO of Siemens Healthineers, as well as CEO of Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics. Tomas has also worked at Abbott Laboratories, Becton Dickinson och Hoffmann La Roche. Tomas is chairman of Kramar Group AB and the Percy Falk Cancer Foundation. He is also a board member of Nanologica AB, Gentian A / S, Corsmed AB, Lundonia Biotech AB and CytaCoat AB.
Tomas Kramar is independent of the Company and the owners.
Masoud Khayyami
Board member since 2022


Shares in SpectraCure AB:

11 116 402 shares (incl. Related  and via companies)

Masoud has a PhD in technical chemistry and has solid experience from research in medical technology and biotechnology. He has previously been CEO of SpectraCure AB. Masoud has entrepreneurial experience in companies such as Lumito AB, Gasporox AB and Prolight Diagnostics AB. Today, Masoud works as CEO of Cardeon AB.
Masoud Khayyami is not independent of the Company and the owners.
Jesper Freij
Board member since 2022


Shares in SpectraCure AB:

4 500 shares

Jesper holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration from the School of Economics at Lund University. He has worked in the pharmaceutical industry in the Nordic region since 1998, of which 20 years in various management positions.  Jesper has also worked at Novo Nordisk and Novartis. At Novartis, and its former subsidiary Alcon, he worked for eight years as Nordic Franchise Head Ophthalmology, with responsibility for their eye drugs. There, Jesper had, among other things, responsibility for Visudyne. Today, Jesper works as a consultant in life science with a focus on launch preparations, marketing and leadership.
Jesper Freij is independent of the Company and the owners.
Homer Pien
Board member since 2021


Shares in SpectraCure AB:


Homer Pien was most recently SVP and Chief Scientific Officer for the Precision Diagnosis cluster of businesses, and prior to that Chief Technology Officer for Imaging System, at Philips. Before joining Philips in 2012, he was in the Department of Radiology at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School, where he led the Laboratory for Medical Imaging and Computations. Homer was also at two start-ups, one of which was a biotech company he co-founded and served as CEO before the company was acquired. Earlier in his career Homer was at MIT Lincoln Lab and Draper Lab. Homer has a PhD in computer science from Northeastern University (Boston, MA), and MS Management from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Cambridge, MA).
Homer Pien is independent of the Company and the owners.
Katarina Svanberg
Board member since 2003


Shares in SpectraCure AB:
200 000 shares (incl. related)
Katarina Svanberg is M.D., PhD and has for a long time been a consultant and adjunct professor of oncology at Lund University. She has previously been a part-time professor at South China Normal University in Guangzhou, China. Katarina has introduced photodynamic tumour therapy in clinical use at Lund University Hospital. She is the co-author of over 180 peer-reviewed articles and has, as the first woman in 41 years, been awarded with the National Institute of Health Lifetime Achievement Award in Biophotonics by the International Society for Optics and Photonics – the American Medical Board’s award in laser medicine, and optics and laser organization SPIE’s highest reward – its gold medal.
Katarina Svanberg is independent of the Company and the owners.

Spouse/spouse or person who is regarded as equal to spouse/spouse as a person with whom the insider has entered into partnership and cohabitation.
Children that the person in the leading position has custody of. A relative who has shared the same household for at least one year at the date the transaction took place, for example, adult children.

Legal entities
a) whose management information is performed by a person in a senior position or physically related person; or
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