Masoud Khayyami
Interim CEO

11 038 651 st (incl. related and via companies)

Masoud Khyyami has a PhD in technical chemistry and has solid experience from research in medical technology and biotechnology. He has previously been CEO of SpectraCure AB. Masoud has entrepreneurial experience in companies such as Lumito AB, Gasporox AB and Prolight Diagnostics AB. Today, Masoud works as CEO of Cardeon AB.
Kristina Holst
Head of Clinical Affairs


Kristina Holst is a licensed dentist. She has many years of experience in the medical technology industry and has mainly worked with clinical studies but also with marketing and product development. Kristina has previously held leading positions in clinical studies and regulatory activities at, among others, Arjo, Medeuronet, DMC Healthcare and Straumann.
Henrik Ljung
3 200 shares
Henrik Ljung has an MBA and has several years of experience as the CFO of Cerdo Bankpartner AB, Acconeer AB, Ballingslöv AB, Sardus AB, and Malmöhus Invest AB, among others.
Johannes Swartling
78 485 shares (incl. relatives)
Johannes Swartling has a Ph.D. in physics from Lund University (2002). He has worked at SpectraCure since 2006 and is responsible for research and development at the company. He has experience in development of medical devices, clinical trials, and quality and regulatory work including risk management. Before joining SpectraCure AB, he held post-doctoral research positions at Politecnico di Milano, Italy, and at Cambridge University, UK. His research has been on applications of laser technology and spectroscopy in biology and medicine, His research has been on applications of laser technology and spectroscopy in biology and medicine, and he is the author of some 30 original peer-reviewed research papers.

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