Software for improved imaging technology is approved for use in clinical study in the US

MedCom GmbH's medical imaging technology, which has been integrated with SpectraCure's IDOSE[®] system, is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for use in the clinical study in the US. The integration makes the treatment more efficient and facilitates the process.

In December 2021 a development project, partially funded by EU, was completed together with the German company MedCom GmbH. MedComs GmbH´s medical imaging technology was adapted to SpectraCure's IDOSE® system. MedCom's medical imaging technology has previously been approved by the FDA. Now, the integration of Medcom's imaging technology and SpectraCure's P18 system is approved by the FDA for use in the clinical study in the US. This imaging technology makes the treatment more efficient and facilitates the process.

 ”The integration of MedCom's imaging technology and SpectraCure's IDOSE® system improves the treatment and facilitates the treatment process. The workflow becomes easier, as the placement of the needles in the prostate becomes smoother, and it will also become easier to achieve a higher treatment precision. In addition, the time for patient treatment can be shortened.”, comments Johannes Swartling, CTO.

The integration of MedComs GmbH's medical imaging technology, together with SpectraCure's P18 system and IDOSE®, is in the process for approval by Health Canada and Medicines & Healthcare products Regulatory Agenc (MHRA) to be used in the clinical study in Canada and the United Kingdom.

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SpectraCure AB (publ) Johan Folkunger, CEO

SpectraCure is developing a treatment system for the elimination of internal solid cancer tumors. We are initially focusing on recurrent prostate cancer, with the hope of being able to treat other cancers such as primary prostate cancer, breast cancer, pancreatic cancer, and head and neck cancer in the future. The approach is based on a proprietary and patented treatment system consisting of a hardware device, a laser unit, which performs PDT treatment and treats the prostate itself, combined with a software device, the patented IDOSE® dose planning platform. The method allows the laser light dose to be controlled so that the tumour is exposed to an optimal dose to achieve sufficient treatment effect. The treatment system has the potential to make interstitial PDT treatment accurate, precise, safe for every patient. The goal is that in addition to being tumor free, the patient will be able to maintain their quality of life, with limited side effects. We are conducting clinical trials as an important part of the continued development of the company's treatment system. 

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