Work environment policy

SpectraCure AB will work to ensure that our employees have a work environment where they thrive, develop and feel good both physically and mentally. In collaboration with our employees and consultants, we will work for a good work environment where risks of occupational injuries and work-related ill health are prevented. SpectraCure’s employees must be able to maintain a work environment that encourages mutual respect, promotes good relations between employees and is free from all forms of harassment and violence.

Systematic work environment

The Work Environment Act prescribes that the employer must carry out systematic environmental work. Every manager has a great responsibility in this context. If and when cases of ill health, accidents or serious incidents at work occur, the causes must be investigated. A written summary of what has happened must be made annually. The responsibility lies with the safety representative who has been delegated the environmental
responsibility for the activity in question.


SpectraCure shall annually draw up a written action plan for actions that must be scheduled.The safety representative is then responsible for ensuring that the action plan is followed.


The person responsible for each department is responsible for the specific environmental problems that exist locally as well as for instruction and training of the staff. The person responsible for each department is also responsible for issuing and complying with safety regulations, as well as for premises, technical equipment, etc. where inspections take place annually through safety patrols.

SpectraCure’s work environment procedure

SpectraCure focuses primarily on three areas regarding work environment measures,

  • Promotion/prevention – before something happens
  • Advisory – when something is about to happen
  • Treatment – when something has happened

The overall goal is thus an injury-free activity, where dangers and risks of ill health at work are noticed and addressed effectively.That is why we work with the work environment as follows:

  • Draws attention to and addresses risks in daily work

  • Repeatedly follows up that work environment rules that affect the business are
    complied with

  • Ensures that the procedure with the work environment is carried out as decided
    through good routines and clarity when distributing work environment tasks

  • Annually monitor that everyone has the necessary knowledge, resources and powers
    to be able to perform their work environment tasks

  • Examine (risk assesses) the work environment at least once a year using checklists
    in order to prevent injuries and ill health

  • Investigates ill health, accidents and incidents to avoid the causes of these being

  • Has regular workplace meetings where the business as a whole is dealt with,
    including work environment issues

  • Encourages suggestions for improvements

  • Follows up the work environment work (management system) at least once a year

  • Meets the requirements for documentation and clarity


The overall goal of the work environment work is to achieve a long-term efficient operation that at the same time means well-being and job satisfaction for all employees.

In order to achieve a work environment that meets the overall goal, SpectraCure has
established routines/policies/guidelines for, among other things:

  • Introduction and training
  • Employee interviews
  • Risk analyses
  • Prevention and health promotion measures
  • Measures against harassment and abusive discrimination
  • Alcohol and drug issues

Established by SpectraCure AB’s Board of Directors 2023-05-16