Personalized tumor treatment in real time
Our treatment system consists of a unique combination of the laser equipment and the IDOSE® software. The treatment system delivers laser light to the tumor by using optical fibers. These fibers measure optical parameters in the tissue, allowing for calculation of the optimal light delivery to achieve individualized treatment. The optimal light dose treatment plan, including the placement of the optical fibers, is calculated using our patented dose planning platform IDOSE®. The software calculates and controls the light dose continuously throughout the treatment. The calculation is based on measurements from the optical fibers. To achieve optimallight dose treatment is vital, as overexposure can lead to damage to healthy tissue, while underexposure leads to incomplete treatment.

“The SpectraCure IDOSE® system is an exciting new approach for estimating the extent of necrosis during PDT, based on real time measurements of light distribution and photobleaching in the area under treatment”

Stephen G Bown, MD (Cambridge), AM (Harvard), DSc (Hon Lucknow), FRCP Emeritus Prof of Laser Medicine & Surgery, Division of Surgery & Interventional Science

Treatment method

Photodynamic therapy (PDT) is a treatment that makes the tissue light sensitive using a drug. The drug is activated with light by delivering a controlled amount of energy at a defined wavelength. This reaction causes the cancer cells to die. PDT is a well-established treatment method, for example, for treating certain types of skin tumors.
is PDT applied to tumors inside the body. Interstitial PDT, like traditional PDT, destroys cancer cells by using a drug that makes the tissue photosensitive and then delivering light to the tumor. The light is delivered through optical fibers, placed directly into the tumor.

The amount of light applied is continuously adjusted

A series of measurements is performed during the treatment to ensure that the correct light dose is delivered. This ensures that the cancer cells are eliminated, without damaging healthy surrounding tissue. The solution of using the same optical fibers for measurement as for treatment makes SpectraCure unique.  This allows the IDOSE® software to calculate and control the light dose continuously throughout the treatment to achieve maximum treatment effect.

Interstitial PDT treatment of prostate cancer
Before the procedure, MR imaging is used to clarify the diagnosis and location of the tumor. The patient is anaesthetized and injected with a light-sensitive drug, verteporfin. An ultrasound probe is placed rectally to allow the physician to prepare the treatment. Using ultrasound guidance, the physician places the required number of optical fibers, ranging from 7 to 18, depending on the size of the tumor. Application is via the patient’s perineum. SpectraCure’s PDT system delivers the calculated laser dose. The drug is activated, and the tumor cells are eliminated.
The product – Q-PRO®

SpectraCure’s treatment method, interstitial PDT, is performed with our product consisting of:

  • a laser device, Q-PRO®, which delivers laser energy;
    optical fibers that deliver light and perform measurements;
  • the IDOSE® software platform that calculates the laser dose and placement of the optical fibers.
  • The optical fibers are supplied together with needles in a sterile treatment package.

Our PDT system with IDOSE® software is a completely new medical device for treatment, planning, and dose delivery of light. Treatment is focused and adapted to each patient’s tumor. SpectraCure has chosen recurrent prostate cancer as the first indication.

Minimally invasive surgery
A local procedure, no open surgery.
Requires limited resources compared to open surgery.
No life-long treatment
The treatment is carried out in one session.


The Q-PRO® treatment system with IDOSE® is covered by several patents. The patent portfolio consists of 12 patents in 8 patent families. The basic patents relating to the operation of our laser system are approved in Europe, the USA, China, and,Japan, among other countries.

A new patent regarding our IDOSE® technology is approved by the US Patent Office,and the European Patent Office and is under examination in several other countries. The patent application relates to a technique for measuring the impact of bleeding and compensating for it.

Another new patent relating to improvements in the technical solution of the new generation of treatment systems has been approved in Europe. Outside of Europe, the same patent application is in PCT phase, i.e. international examination. The patent describes a technical solution for using the same optical fibers for measurement and treatment. Measurements from the optical fibers individualizes the treatment. This technology makes SpectraCure unique.

In addition, we have patented a wide range of methods for performing dose conversion during treatment.

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