Invest in SpectraCure

A real clinical need

Today, the treatment of recurrent prostate cancer is controversial due to the severe side effects associated with several treatment options. Recurrent prostate cancer is our first prioritised indication.

A new treatment option  

Our treatment method has the potential to become a beneficial alternative to other treatments, such as hormone therapy. Our method has the potential to cause fewer side effects and offer an improved quality of life.

Health economic viability

Our treatment method is designed to be less resource-consuming since our treatment is performed in a single session, allowing the patient to go home the same day.

Attractive business model with continuous revenue streams

The system is placed at the customer’s site for a low cost, providing a reduced barrier to entry. Recurring revenue is generated through the sale of sterile disposable equipment, with customers paying per treatment.

Potential to develop treatment for more cancer diagnoses

The treatment system has the potential to be suitable for treating several types of internal solid tumours, such as breast cancer.