Patent for dose control approved in Canada

The Canadian Patent Office has approved a patent for improved dose control for the SpectraCure technology for treatment of prostate cancer with photodynamic therapy (PDT). The patent is part of the SpectraCures patent area for dose control, covering the software IDOSE® which ensures that the correct laser light dose is delivered to the tumour to ensure that the tumour is eliminated while healthy tissue is spared. The patent entails an improvement in the technology currently used in the SpectraCure P18 system for PDT treatment, which is now used in a clinical study for the treatment of patients suffering from relapse of prostate cancer. The patented technology means that the dose control is controlled with so-called diffuse optical tomography. The technology requires no change in existing hardware, but is an improvement to the algorithms that control the evaluation and delivery of the laser light dose. "The technology is important for SpectraCure and may be included in the improved PDT technology that we use in future clinical studies," says SpectraCure CTO Johannes Swartling. "The patent means that the accuracy of SpectraCures treatment can increase a step further, which hopefully can result in even better treatment results and less risk of side effects. Canada is the first country to accept the patent, which is pending in other countries. The patent period extends until the 2028.