Improved treatment technology in the fight against prostate cancer is used directly in an ongoing clinical trial

The collaboration between SpectraCure and the German company MedCom GmbH has reached a stage where the technology will be used in SpectraCure's ongoing clinical study. The technology leads to increased precision, accuracy and safety in the treatment of recurrent prostate cancer.

SpectraCure runs an EU-funded development project, together with MedCom GmbH. The purpose of the project is to adapt MedCom's medical imaging technology to SpectraCure's IDOSE treatment planning system, thereby improving IDOSE® and make it more effective. The project has now reached a point where MedCom's system will be used in conjunction with IDOSE directly in patient treatments in SpectraCure's ongoing clinical trial for the treatment of recurrent prostate cancer.

MedCom's system will be used in combination with IDOSE® for patient treatments at University College London Hospital during autumn. In the continued project, MedCom's system will then be integrated with IDOSE® into a joint system, with SpectraCure as the owner and MedCom as a subcontractor.

The treatment method and its strengths
SpectraCure's treatment method is based on the placement of optical fibres that direct laser light to the cancer tumour with great accuracy at predetermined positions in the prostate. Precision positioning is a prerequisite for SpectraCure's IDOSE system to deliver the correct dose to the tumour, without damaging surrounding healthy tissues. Optical fibre needle placement is done using ultrasound imaging.

MedCom uses a more modern imaging and needle navigation system than the technology used by SpectraCure until now. MedCom's technology offers the opportunity to significantly reduce the time for patient treatment, which offers great benefits both for creating acceptance for SpectraCure's treatment method and for reducing healthcare costs.