A new Board has been installed at SpectraCure

CEO Johan Folkunger together with parts of the board.

Following Thursday's Annual General Meeting, a new Board of Directors has been installed at SpectraCure. The Board is intended to reflect the Company's development stage. Jörgen Wennberg, former CEO of ICA Bank, is the new Chairman of the Board.

Homer Pien and Katarina Svanberg were re-elected at the Annual General Meeting of SpectraCure. The Meeting also elected the new members: MSc Tomas Kramar, former CEO of Siemens Healthineers and Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics, MSc Jesper Freij with many years of experience from the pharmaceutical industry, of which 20 years in various management positions, and Technology Doctor Masoud Khayyami, former CEO of the Company and founder of several Life Science companies.

The new Board visited SpectraCure on Friday to get to know the Company and its management. The meeting was chaired by CEO Johan Folkunger, who welcomed the newly appointed Board, under the leadership of Jörgen Wennberg.

"I enjoy being able to showcase the Company and our operations, and I look forward to developing the Company further together with the new Board." says Johan Folkunger, CEO of SpectraCure.

Newly appointed Chairman of the Board, Jörgen Wennberg, is a former member of ICA AB's Group Management and former CEO of ICA Banken, a banking business that began with ICA's investment in loyalty cards. Under the leadership of Jörgen, ICA Banken grew rapidly, became profitable and received several prizes and awards, including Bank of the Year.

I am pleased and proud to have been elected Chairman of the Board of SpectraCure, and look forward to working with the Company to prepare the commercial phase of SpectraCure's IDOSE® system and platform. I am convinced that we can build a successful Company together”, says Jörgen Wennberg, Chairman of the Board.

More information about the Company's newly elected Board can be found at www.spectracure.com.

For further information, please contact:
SpectraCure AB (publ), CEO Johan Folkunger
E-mail: jf@spectracure.com
Website: www.spectracure.com 

SpectraCure is developing a treatment system for the elimination of internal solid cancer tumours. We are initially focusing on recurrent prostate cancer. The hope is to be able to treat other cancers such as breast cancer in the future, pancreas, and head and neck cancer. The approach is based on PDT treatment combined with a proprietary and patented dose planning platform, the IDOSE® software, which makes it possible to control the laser light dose so that the tumour the tumour is exposed to an optimal dose to achieve sufficient treatment effect. The treatment system has the potential to interstitial PDT treatment accurate, precise and safe for every patient. The goal is, in addition to being free of the tumour, to maintain the patient’s quality of life, with limited side effects. We conduct clinical trials as an important part in the further development of the Company's treatment system.

The Company is listed in the Premier segment of the Nasdaq First North Growth Market with G&W Fondkommission as Certified Adviser, ca@gwkapital.se, tel +468-503 00 050, and trades under the ticker SPEC.