General activity plan

SpectraCure is currently working on two possible scenarios.

  1. The first scenario is that SpectraCure, during 2020/2021, will receive an approval by the FDA. In this scenario, market launch of the product is expected to take place in 2021, given that the phase 2 study is successful.
  2. The second scenario is based on the fact that the company in parallel and in spite of a decision by the FDA, prepares for and after the phase 2-study, conduct at phase 3-study. The timetable for this would mean that the phase 3 study will begin in 2021, with an expected time span of about 12 months.

In parallel and regardless of the outcome, SpectraCure intends to begin building up additional values through the initiation of clinical programs for new indications. Possible indications currently being evaluated include, in addition to primary prostate cancer, cancer of the pancreas, in the breast, and in the head and neck region. The company is expected to be able to initiate clinical programs for extended indications in 2020/2021.