The goal of SpectaCures treatment system is to eliminate internal cancer tumors and increase the survival of cancer patients. The strategy is initially to focus on relapse cases in prostate cancer. Our system consists of a laser device that performs IPDT – treatment (IPDT after “interstitial photodynamic therapy) with the software platform IDOSE® and a treatment package consisting of disposable items such as sterile optical fibers and needles.

During the quarter, we manufactured and assembled more units of the new generation treatment system. The system, which was approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in June, will replace the existing system in the clinical trial at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York, USA, and the University of Pennsylvania Hospital in Philadelphia, USA. Once we have received similar approval from Health Canada and The Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (HPRA) in the UK, the new generation treatment system can also be used in the clinical studies at the Princess Margaret Cancer Center in Toronto and at the University College London Hospital.

The new generation system has technically better performance than the previous one, which enables better precision and faster treatments. The system is also easier to use, which means that the hospitals in our study can use it themselves after some initial training, without the direct presence of our staff.

We have begun to explore how the company can educate the staff that can assist us on site, primarily in the United States, on treatments in the clinical study. We have also begun exploring the opportunities to conduct the clinical study at more hospitals than today, which may increase the pace of the study. Initial discussions have been conducted with reputable hospitals in cancer treatment.

We are heading towards an exciting autumn where we want to see the covid-related restrictions released, so that the measures we are working on to increase the pace of our study have an effect. This autumn, the technical team will also be strengthened with another industrial doctoral student who, among other things, will focus further on developing the IDOSE algorithms. It is gratifying to note that SpectraCure is seen as a company at the forefront of the development of future systems for the treatment of cancer tumors.

Lund, August of 2021

Johan Folkunger, CEO of SpectraCure AB