The company’s vision is that SpectraCure’s instrument should be the first choice for patients in the treatment of prostate cancer, in both primary and relapses, and in the long term to develop the field of application for all forms of internal tumors. Examples of these include tumors in the breast, pancreas and the head and neck region.

Sales and Marketing Strategy

SpectraCure intends to initially target the US market, then the European market. SpectraCure’s sales strategy is based on reaching and connecting with key clinics via “early adopters”, and working with these to quickly reach acceptance for the treatment as a substitute. Potential early adopters include clinics that offer brachytherapy treatment as they already possess the necessary expertise and experience to work with needle insertion into the prostate also used in interstitial PDT. SpectraCure intends to identify potential industrial partners after phase 2, with the aim of obtaining additional support and resources in the commercialization process.