Senior executives

Dr Masoud Khayyami

Shares: 13 346 933*

Ph.D. in Chemistry at Lund University. Solid experience from research, medicine, medtech and the biotechnology sectors. Extensive entrepreneurial experience (Prolight Diagnostics AB, Lumito AB and Gasporox AB) and expert knowledge in applied medicine, microbiology and biotech, specifically with regard to the development of various types of biomolecules for commercial use and research in biological applications. Board member both in medtech companies and other companies. Committed to SpectraCure since 2010.

Masoud Khayyami, as a shareholder and CEO, is neither independent of the owners nor the Company.

*Ownership privately and via companies.

Annika Andersson

Chief Communications Officer
Shares: 1 599

Annika Andersson has a bachelor’s degree in economics with a focus on communication and marketing. She has many years of experience in communication and marketing work both as an employee and as a self-employed person. Annika has worked with companies such as Atria, Atrium Ljungberg, Heinz / Weight Watchers, Monsanto, Skanska Nya Hem and Sweco Central Eastern Europe and others. Annika has run a communications agency between 2002-2019 and has been working at SpectraCure since September 2019.

Annika Andersson is independent of the owners.

Johannes Swartling

Shares: 79 300

Johannes Swartling has a Ph.D. in physics from Lund University (2002). He has worked at SpectraCure since 2006 and is responsible for research and development at the company. He has experience in development of medical devices, clinical trials, and quality and regulatory work including risk management. Before joining SpectraCure AB, he held post-doctoral research positions at Politecnico di Milano, Italy, and at Cambridge University, UK. His research has been on applications of laser technology and spectroscopy in biology and medicine, His research has been on applications of laser technology and spectroscopy in biology and medicine, and he is the author of some 30 original peer-reviewed research papers.

Johannes Swartling is independent of the owners.

Henrik Ljung

Shares: 2 000

Henrik Ljung has an MBA and has several years of experience as the CFO of Cerdo Bankpartner AB, Acconeer AB, Ballingslöv AB, Sardus AB, and Malmöhus Invest AB, among others.

Henrik Ljung is independent of the owners.