Corporate governance

Under the Articles of Association, the Board of Directors of the Company shall have three (3) to six (6) members with a maximum of five (5) deputies. Board members and deputies are elected by the Annual General Meeting. The Board’s assignment is valid until the end of the next Annual General Meeting, which is scheduled for May 22, 2020. The management and all board members can be reached through the Company’s head office at Gasverksgatan 1, 222 29, Lund. The board’s work is governed by the Swedish Companies Act, the Articles of Association and the Rules of Procedure adopted by the Board of Directors.

Articles of association

Board of Directors

Dr Masoud Khayyami

Date of birth: 1963-04-03
Ceo and board member
Shares: 11 558 677
Total shares with related*: 13 346 933

Ph.D. in Chemistry at Lund University. Solid experience from research, medicine, medtech and the biotechnology sectors. Extensive entrepreneurial experience (Prolight Diagnostics AB, TMS CHEM AB) and expert knowledge in applied medicine, microbiology and biotech, specifically with regard to the development of various types of biomolecules for commercial use and research in biological applications. Board member both in medtech companies and other companies. Committed to SpectraCure since 2010.

Masoud Khayyami, as a shareholder and CEO, is neither independent of the owners nor the Company.

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Ingemar Kihlström

Date of birth: 1952-07-10
Shares: 0
Total shares including related: 25 000

Bachelor of Arts. In Chemistry and Biology, Doctor of Physiology from Uppsala University, and Associate Professor at Uppsala University. Consultant in biotechnology and finance. Kihlström has previously worked with research and development and business development at both Astra AB and Pharmacia AB from 1982-1996. Then as a pharmaceutical analyst in the finance industry at Swedbank, Aros Securities and ABG Sundal Collier. Today, he is Chairman of the Board of Miris Holding AB, SpectraCure AB, EQL Pharma AB and BoMill Holding AB. Board member of Respiratorius AB, HealthInvest AB, Emplicure AB. Board member of Prolight Diagnostics AB. Involved with SpectraCure since 29-06-2012.

Ingemar Kihlström is independent of the Company and the owners.

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Sune Svanberg

Date of birth: 1943-01-01
Board member
Shares: 100 000
Total shares including related: 200 000

Professor of Physics at Lund University. Director of the Department of Atomic Physics for 30 years and Chairman of the Lund Laser Centre for 15 years. Member of the Nobel Committee in Physics for 10 years and its chairman for two years. He has been awarded with about 20 international and national awards and holds four honorary doctorates and four honorary professorships. Sune Svanberg has since 2011 also a part-time professorship at South China Normal University, Guangzhou, China. Committed to SpectraCure since 2011-09-09.

Sune Svanberg is independent of the Company and the owners.

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Prof. Katarina Svanberg

Date of birth: 1944-12-11
Board member
Shares: 100 000
Total shares including related: 200 000

Katarina Svanberg is an MD., PhD and holds a professorship in oncology at Lund University and at South China Normal University in Guangzhou, China. She started her research career by studying laser light interaction in biological tissue and is amongst the first clinical researchers, in biomedical optics and photonics for medical applications. She has been a key person in the collaboration between several clinics and institutions at Lund University, with the introduction and application of laser-induced fluorescence spectroscopy for early tumour detection and, in particular, introduced photodynamic tumour therapy in clinical use at Lund University Hospital. Katarina Svanberg is co-author of over 160 peer-reviewed articles, board member of Lund Laser Centre and has since 1993 served as head of Lund University Medical Laser Centre, where she is currently Chairman of the Board. Committed to SpectraCure since 2007-06-12.

Katarina Svanberg is independent of the owners and the Company.

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Ulf Bladin

Born: 1964-05-25
Board member
Shares: 0
Total shares including related: 0

Medicine graduate from Karolinska Institutet, MSc in Business Administration and Master from the Stockholm School of Economics. Currently partner at Rewell Medical AB. Has previously been, among other things, the General Manager, Vice President of the Region of EMEA at Hycor Biomedical, Vice President Commercial Operations Europe at Thermo Fisher Scientific Immuno Diagnostics Division, Vice President with Global Responsibility for Marketing, Health Economy, Corporate Communications, Scientific & Regulatory Affairs at Phadia AB. Involved with SpectraCure since 23-05-2019.

Involved in SpectraCure since 23-05-2019.

Ulf Bladin is an independent board member in relation to the owners of the company.

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Hans Bornefalk

Date of birth: 1974-07-03
Board member
Shares: 15 000
Total shares including related: 15 000

Hans Bornefalk is Associate Professor in Medical Image Physics and received his PhD in Physics from KTH 2006. His research interests are focused on the development of new detector technology for x-ray systems and he is co-founder of two medtech companies. Hans also holds a degree in business economics from the Stockholm School of Economics and commercial experience from both start-ups, as CEO and from large global companies, most recently as marketing manager for Philips computer tomography in the Nordic region. Committed to SpectraCure since 2018-05-23.

Hans Bornefalk is independent of the owners and the Company.

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*Related –
Spouse / spouse or person who is regarded as equal to spouse / spouse as a person with whom the insider has entered into partnership and cohabitation.
Children that the person in the leading position has custody of.
A relative who has shared the same household for at least one year at the date the transaction took place, for example, adult children.
Legal entities
a) whose management information is performed by a person in a senior position or physically related person; or
b) directly or indirectly controlled by such person;
c) prepared in favor of such person; or
d) whose financial interests mainly correspond to the interest of such person.