SpectraCure AB. Quarterly Report (1 July to 30 September) 2019

Third quarter (1 July – 30 September 2019)

SpectraCure AB Quarterly Report

The figures for 2019 refer to the Group. Last year’s figures refer to the Parent Company’s figures, which essentially constituted the Group.

  • Other income amounted to TSEK 692 (215).
  • Profit after tax amounted to TSEK -3 054 (-1 922).
  • Corresponding to SEK -0,04 (-0,03) kr per share before and after diluted earnings.
  • Operating cash flow was TSEK -3 072 (-2 640).
  • Cash as of 30 September amounted to TSEK 25 421 (2 185) TSEK.
  • Equity ratio: 81 (85)%

Third quarter (1 January – 30 September 2019)

  • Other income amounted to TSEK 2 005 (902).
  • Profit after tax amounted to TSEK -9 979 (-8 572).
  • Corresponding to SEK -0,12 (-0,13) kr per share before and after diluted earnings.
  • Operating cash flow was TSEK -6 648 (-7 058).

Significant events during the third quarter of 2019

  • The company reported positive results and good effects regarding the safety of the company’s clinical phase 1 study in patients with recurrence of prostate cancer. A total of 11 patients with prostate cancer recurrence were treated with SpectraCure’s technology with promising and positive results in the phase 1 study. The result means that the safety requirements are met and the clinical program can continue with phase 2 clinical trials.
  • SpectraCure presented results from the company’s Phase 1 study at the 17th International Photodynamic Association World Congress in Boston, USA. The event was well attended and the interest was high.
  • The first units of the new generation PDT system were mounted and tested in SpectraCure’s premises in Lund.
  • The company strengthened the organization with a PR Manager.

Significant events after the end of the period

  • Improved treatment technology in the fight against prostate cancer is used directly in an ongoing clinical trial at University College London Hospital.
  • SpectraCure runs this EU-funded development project together with the partner MedCom GmbH.
  • Nasdaq approved the Company’s application to transfer the stock trading to First North Premier Growth Market. SpectraCure reports according to International Financial Reporting Standards, IFRS, a demand for all companies traded on First North Premier Growth Market
  • US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) initiatives can provide faster market access for SpectraCure.
  • The subscription period for TO3 falls on November 1 – 29, 2019.


This information is information that SpectraCure AB is obliged to make public pursuant to the EU Market Abuse Regulation. The information was submitted for publication on November 12, 2019 at 2:00 pm, through the contact of the contact person below.

For further information, contact:

SpectraCure AB publ, CEO, Masoud Khayyami, phone: +46(0) 70 815 21 90

Certified Adviser is G&W Fondkommission, e-mail: ca@gwkapital.se, telephone: +46(0) 8 503 000 50

SpectraCure in short
SpectraCure was founded in 2003 as a spin off from Lund University departments for medical laser applications and physics. The company focuses on cancer treatments using medical systems with laser light sources and reactive drugs, which is referred to as “Interstitial Photodynamic Therapy”, PDT, a treatment methodology suitable for internal solid tumours of various kind, e.g. prostate and abdominal salivary glands, but also other indications such as cancer tumours in the head and neck region.